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Holistic treatment approach

Holistic treatment for horses has nothing to do with esotericism. Rather, it means that without keeping the horse as a whole in mind, I cannot make any reasonable medicine. Lameness results from many things, from the saddle to the shoeing to the riding style. Treating lameness only "skin deep" makes little sense. Allergies do not come from pollen, they have always existed, but are the result of a derailed immune system. And this has much more to do with nutrition than we can imagine.

The Gentle Way

My clinic combines the gentle osteopathic treatment and phytotherapy with modern but also gentle immunologic therapies.

Your farsightedness is your horse’s future

There's no point in crying over spilled milk. It is better not to spill it.
About me


Foundation It‘s just a touch
Research Assistent, Veterinary University Hanover, Immunology
Certified Osteotherapist, DIPO Duelmen
Veterinary Surgeon in Munich, Essen, Lower Saxony
Internship Institut for Immunology Veterinary University Hanover
Internship Main and County Stud Schwaiganger (Bayern)
Approbation as Veterinary Surgeon FU Berlin
Veterinary University Munich (LMU) and FU Berlin
Training as Veterinary Nurse
Born in Munich

Almut Pook

Veterinarian & Equine Osteotherapist (DIPO)

Lehrgänge und Fortbildungen

Dynamic Taping Horse - m & i Fachklinik, Bad Pyrmont
Robert-Jones Techniques, Strain & Counterstrain - DIPO Duelmen
Shoeing for Soundness (WTS), Stefan Wehrli, Switzerland
Equine Osteotherapy (DIPO)
Postgraduate Training University Vienna: Gynaecology,Biotechnics, Andrology
Postgraduate Training University Vienna: Joint Diseases in Horses
Postgraduate Training University Vienna: Tendon Diseases in Horses
Backproblems in Horses, Diagnosis and Therapy - Chiropratice as an Alternative
Possibilities of Immune Modulation in Horses
Embryotranfer in Horses (Collection, Processing and Storage of Embryos)
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