Our feedstuff comes from the Allgäu, a part of germany where nature is relativly clean and undisturbed.

Because of the hillside location and the difficulties in agricultural processing there, composition of pasture stayed primal and very healthy for horses. In the other parts of germany fertilization and soil compaction changed pasture composition into more fructane rich species. Clean air (>800m) and high precipitation levels are improving the quality of feedstuff, too.

This makes our feedstuff unique in composition of fatty acids and its vitamin ingredients and improves flavor and health.

Allgäu Wiesen

Our Philosophy

To keep its uniqueness we didn’t invent prefabricated products. And we don’t use additives or artificial vitamins.
Each pasture is processed unmixed the day it’s cut (to prevent mildew) and we take the utmost care . Drying the gras we use low temperatures, because proteins and vitamins are heat sensitive and we want to preserve their natural structure.
Our main goal ist to provide feedstuff that is valuable, natural and designed to fit your horse exactly.
That’s why there is an analysis to every pasture, every cut and every single component we use. That enables us to design your horse its own special feedstuff.

Initially, our veterinary specialist consults you to learn your special need.

All in one. Complete. Fresh.

We customize your feedstuff adjusted to the need of your horse considering age, breed, performance and keeping while using newest scientific publications from all over the world. You don’t have to worry about fibre, vitamins or nutrients. It provides everything.

You don’t need additional hey or concentrates. In your daily routine this means, nearly no dust production, less time consuming and fewer open feed bags that may attract rodents or get infested by mould. This also improves hygienic conditions in holding.

The special and careful processing, natural components and the hygienic handling makes our feedstuff so valuable for allergic and laminitic horses, convalescents and high performance horses.