A question of perspective

Sometimes it makes sense to look at a disease not only from a clinical but also from the immunological side. Inflammation in the main stages, doesn’t change its face. Whether there is a bacteria, a virus or an allergen, some reactions stay the same.
My work at the Institute for Immunology at the University of Hannover in cooperation with Boehringer Ingelheim about summer eczema gives me a lot of new and innovative insights in how to treat and keep affected horses.
Up to now it’s not possible to really detect a triggering antigen. All there is to confirm is the sensitization. Commercial tests rely on detecting free IgE in blood. New research results show IgG forming may be a rescue attempt and the problem lays deeper.
The functional in vitro test that is conducted at the University of Hannover is an integral part of my consulting and therapy to provide your horse with best possible holding conditions and treatment. Hypersensitivity reactions like chronical obstructive bronchitis (COPD) benefit from this test, too.
This test is currently not availably in the US, but competent improvement of holding conditions and feedstuff provides help nevertheless.