When is an osteotherapeutic treatment useful?
This is a frequently asked question.

Osteopathic lesions are often not recognized as such. A slightly altered sequence of movements, something that looks like a “habit”, a slightly skewed head, or problems galloping on a certain hand.

These are all signs of an osteopathic problem. Not just a lameness. Lameness is a stage that can be avoided with regular osteotherapeutic treatments.
Osteotherapy is indicated when you see one of the following problems with your horse:

  • restriction of mobility
  • inhibited bending
  • restrictions in lateral work
  • general unwillingness
  • clock errors
  • stiffness
  • slight lameness of unknown genesis
  • additional therapy after injuries of tendons or ligaments, wounds and scars

Craniosacral Therapy

An osteopathic problem does not always manifest itself as a movement anomaly. A changed behaviour such as restlessness and fright, but also exhaustion, fatigue or inattention can also be the result of an osteopathic lesion.

  • nervousness
  • tensness

Auxiliary Therapy COPD, Acute Lung Symptoms

Fascia Tharapy, Mobilisation