New: Mitochondria- Diagnostic.

  • Performance assessment and exact performance enhancement
  • Maintaining the health of your horse
  • Accompanying therapy EMS and Laminitis
  • Contrling PMMS and other lytic Muscle diseases

Healthy mitochondria: powerful performance

Mitochondria are considered the power plants of the cell.
Their number in the cells affects their performance. This is especially important for sport horses to maintain their performance. The number of mitochondria in muscle cells depends on the quality of the training.

Exercising too long or too intensely can damage the mitochondria. It then also reduces their number in the muscle. This would also limit the performance of the muscle.

So it’s of interest to keep an eye on mitochondrial health during exercise.

Healthy Mitochondria: strong immunsystem

Mitochondria are not only the power plants of the cell. They are also significantly involved in the control of immunological processes in the body.

They regulate inflammatory processes and are involved in the defense against bacteria, viruses and fungi.
Not only by providing energy to the corresponding immune cells, but also in direct cell-to-cell signalling. Healthy mitochondria are therefore the key to a functional immune system.

Furthermore, the intestinal flora is a direct influencing factor on the mitochondria. How microbiome and mitochondria are related, I have written about ist in my lastarticle.

With the help of mitochondrial diagnostics, a targeted phytotherapeutic treatment of various diseases and substitution of the required trace and quantity elements can be carried out.

Keep your horse healthy!