Osteotherapy is relativly unknown in the US, contrary to chiropraxis.

It’s a gentle method to treat anatomic and clinical dysfunctions in the horse and holds a lot of possibilities.
I strongly believe in a wholistic treatment of the horse. This means in – addition to regulary osthetherapeutic treatment – no healthy horse without an equilibrated hoof, attuned training, customized feedstuff, species appropriated holding conditions and a well-balanced rider.

That’s what I’m aiming for in my practice and that’s what I want to encourage in my clinics.
As a veterinarian for over fifteen years, further educations in osteotherapy, shoeing for soundness, immunological science and a dressage rider myself I want to improve the treatment of the horse according to its biomechanic requirements.

I work together with specialists who hold the horses welfare particular dear. Gentle and extremly professional riders,physiotherapists and psychotherapists specialized in riders will accompany me, relating to the program you choose.

Patrizia FerraraPatrizia Ferrara Pferd modern

A small program overview:

(weekly programs)

    1. Gentle Osteotherapeutic Riding
    2.The Riders Seat: The Key For A Dialogue In Harmony
    3. The Horses Trainingsscale: From Rhythm To Collection The Easy Way

(three day programs)

    1. The Horses Hoof: Small Changes In Its Balance, Big Problems With Biomechanics
    2. Behavior Problems And Their Roots
    3. Rider’s Hand – Horse’s Problem

(two day programs)

    1. Diaphragm Of The Horse – Separation and Link
    2. The Sacroiliacal Joint – Cause Or Symptome

(daily programs)

    1. Os Carpi Accessorium – Small But Packs A Punch
    2. Lameness Of The Hindleg? Chain Reactions In The Horse Or Where The Lameness Really Comes From
    3. Asymmetry In Horse And Rider

After a clinic there is an additional stay of two days, when participants and organizer may show their horses for treatment.

There’s always more to tell. About feeding, feeding related immune diseases like laminitis and so on. Depending on the number of participants and the wishes of the operator there may be changes in length of a clinic.