Mustang Make Over Kritik

Mustang Make Over

May. 1, 2021 by

For a given occasion, namely the Cavallo article on Tamed Wild Horses: Criticism of Mustang Makeover, I have blogged here again the Facebook article I sent to all sponsors of this terrible event in 2019. On the Mustang Makeover Part

Herpes-vaccination in times of infection pressure

Mar. 18, 2021 by

For a given occasion, I would like to comment here from an immunological point of view on the pros and cons of herpes vaccination. For which diseases do vaccinations really make sense? Basically, vaccinations only make sense if a disease

Tendon injuries, really an acute problem?

Jan. 1, 2021 by

Tendon injuries are the most common injuries in our sport horses, accounting for 46%. 97-99% affect the superficial flexor tendon. Oftentimes the horse has injured itself on the pasture by stepping in a whole, or has landed badly after a