Every horse is unique in its needs. Make your feedstuff individual fitting. Simply “naturalfeeding.”

Of course, you can simply feed your horse with “horse food”, there are hundreds of them and every one is the best according to the manufacturer. Of course, I can feed hay without knowing what it contains. And then pour herbs over it or add a muesli, supplemental food that I buy dearly, in the hope that it contains what’s missing in the hay. Of course, in most cases this works well over a fairly long period of time. It would be better to feed them, of course, and only what your horse really needs. Just “naturalfeeding”.

With illnesses such as EMS and some types of laminitis and ER the owners are aware of it, this comes from the food. Usually an oversupply of food.
But there are other diseases, it’s not so obvious. COPD, sweet itch and many immune deficiencies and changes in the immune system are influenced by the abundance of nutrients we provide to our horses. Coupled with a lack of exercise and sunlight.

I was no exeption myself. It is pleasant to put your horse in a pension stable and let them feed it. You have little time, the horse looks good, not too fat, the coat shines, so everything has to be in order.
It doesn’t have to be.
As a veterinarian you learn about animal nutrition. Nevertheless, I only noticed that something went wrong when my horse fell seriously ill with COPD.

The immune system is closely linked to the intestinal flora. The Peyer’s plates in the intestine are responsible for the production of IgA/IgM antibodies. Simply put, this is the First Line Defence on skin and mucous membranes.
If this defence is not strong enough, antigens can penetrate into the interior of the body and cause diseases and allergies.
Fructane-2->1 directly influence the immune system without affecting the intestinal flora. They alter the reaction of defense cells and regulatory cells.
That is why a healthy, balanced food that preserves the natural intestinal flora is so important.

Futtertrocknung Kempten is my partner in the production of feedstuffs specially tailored to your horse.

The untouched alpine landscape, a meticulous testing of all animal feed and the enormous knowledge of Karl Engert about vegetation periods and processing methods enable us to produce the individual feed in highest quality and to adjust it exactly to the needs of the respective horse.

Karl Engert

Daniela Probst is the helping hand for orders and a friendly contact person for every problem. Your organisational skills and knowledge in the production of animal feed are indispensable in our team.

Every horse is unique in its needs and especially sick animals have an increased energy and protein requirement. Other ingredients, such as fructans or starch, should only be present in small quantities in the feed for all types.

Just because, for example, warm-blooded animals tolerate a higher proportion of sugar and starch than Icelandic or Shettland ponies over a certain period of time, this does not mean that it is good for them and they can tolerate this surplus over a longer period of time without being harmed.

We have taken it upon ourselves to make feedstuff for just your horse.
It is clear to me that in larger stables it is logistically difficult to feed each horse exactly according to its needs. But it is possible to classify horses into smaller groups and to feed them with only a few different feedstuffs as well as possible according to their needs and naturally.