Posted by on 3. December 2020

The Ultrasound Electro Stimulation Therapy

After having experienced the pleasant relaxation with correct application myself – I decided to extend my therapy offer by a combination of ultrasound therapy and electro-stimulation therapy. I now also offer this therapy as an additional therapy after an osteotherapeutic treatment. The painful musculature is – after correction and release of the blockades – relaxed, supplied with blood, activated or even the pain is reduced.
And not only that, but the therapy is also a wellness treatment for the horse. Your horses are relaxed and their muscles flexible. I have been testing this device for several weeks now and my riders and horses are thrilled.

Ultraschallbehandlung beim Pferd
Ultrasound therapy on a horse

operating principles

In ultrasound therapy, a distinction is made between a thermal and mechanical effect.

The thermal effect is – as the name suggests – the generation of deep heat on the surface of bones, tendons and muscles.
This provides for a

    increased blood circulation (hyperemia)
    Metabolic increase and removal of lymph
    Improved elasticity of connective tissue and muscles
    Relaxation of the musculature
    Pain Reduction

Especially for the therapy of tendon damage, joint damage, muscle shortening and scars, ultrasound therapy is therefore an effective, pleasant and healing method. With my device, regions can be reached down to a depth of 6 cm, including, for example, the sacroiliac joint which is so often affected.

The mechanical effect is based on the pressure fluctuation in the tissue caused by the sound waves. Therefore, the treatment with ultrasound is comparable to an intensive, deep tissue massage. It also has blood circulation, absorption, relaxation and pain-reducing effects. In addition, muscle adhesions after inflammations are gradually loosened.
Sometimes, e.g. in acutely inflamed tissue, a warming of the tissue is not desired. In certain settings, mechanical therapy can be used without the thermal effect, so that inflammatory processes can also be treated and healing occurs more quickly.

electrotherapy combined

I don’t think I need to tell so much about the benefits of stimulation current in the world of riding. Many of you have been using TENS devices successfully for a long time.


    Treatment of pain
    Improvement of disturbed muscle and joint functions
    Improvement of blood circulation and tissue nutrition
    Promotes healing of wounds and tissue damage

The choice of the type of current, its impulse, length and strength is decisive for the mode of action and the use for different diseases.