Posted by on 29. December 2020

Another little christmas afterthought:

There are always people who claim that we humanize our animals. In most cases I don’t find this bad at all. It is much worse that we dehumanize them in words as well as in deeds.

At auctions we talk about horses as a product when a foal trots across the square.
That’s because a product is easier to dispose of than a horse child. If it does not grow up as perfectly as the ambitious breeder or the smug buyer might have thought.
And it’s much easier to do really hard sport on horse material. If the material breaks its neck in eventing or racing it was just material and there will be always new horse material. Or if the horse just stands in its stable until death.
If, on the other hand, the fine boy or girl “sprains his or her foot”, it sounds a lot worse, don’t you think?

So in the sense of humanity at Christmas:

Wouldn’t the search for a stable suitable for your horses be a wonderful christmas present. Where it can run and exercise? Or where your horse breathes fresh air in its lungs and has lots of light for the soul and the immund sysem as well? And finally quality feedstuff adapted to your horse’s needs? And where there is no stress and piece an tranquillity for your horse outside of christmas, too?
Or maybe use the “quite time” thinking about our relationships with horses and nature in general- Why we strife for success, prestige and money? Dispite the damage we do to ourselves and our enviroment and our partner horse?
How does a long visit with lots of stroking and a lot of walking in the fresh air sound? Without ambitions just for Christmas for your horse? More beautiful than the glittering saddlecloth. Or the unhealthy horse treat or the muesli that is neither adapted to the horse nor its actual demands?

Just think about it. And make your horse and yourself a nice and peaceful christmas.

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