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The basic course Gentle Physiological Riding is the first part of a 3-part series.


Every living being, including our riding horse, tries to avoid pain or unpleasant effects.

This leads to movement disorders, called lesions in osteopathy.
Movement disorders are minimal changes in the course of movement, which in themselves cannot yet be described as lameness.

However, an untreated movement disorder leads to misuse of the joints and surrounding structures and ultimately to inflammation and arthritis.

As a veterinarian and osteopath, I would like to share the possibilities of treatment and a riding style with which you can maintain the health of your horse into old age.

We want to show that with a gentle riding style and the accompanying osteotherapeutic treatment you can also ride successfully for yourself, but also start on tournaments.
This includes a well-founded basic knowledge about the anatomy and biomechanics of the horse, a knowledge about the recognition of problems and the possibilities of treatment, as well as a calm and safe handling of the horse, a balanced fit and fine aids.

In this course we also want to give you riding instruction, regardless of your previous skills and successes.

The riding style and the way in which the rider deals with the horse have an influence on the well-being and physical health of our horse.


Introduction to Osteopathy.
Basic causes of osteopathic problems
Differences between the unridden and the ridden horse


Riding lessons and ground work gentle physiological riding
2x 20 minutes private lessons

Course Duration:

2 days

Price per participant:

200€ Rider
80€ spectators
20€ per day and foreign horse



Place of event:

Active open stable Miserre
Gellerser Str. 32
31855 Aerzen

Unfortunately we are only able to take in 5 foreign horses.
Maximum number of participants 12 riders
Spectators up to 30 people