Posted by on 18. December 2017

Hoof mechanics, the correct rolling point, the position of the hoof bone to the ground, all these are factors that influence the horse’s overall biomechanics.
So it’s not just the shoe that’s pressing.
If the roll-off point is set too far in front, the horse needs a higher contraction force in the flexural tendons to get over the roll-off point. Once it has overcome the unwinding point, the movement takes place with too high amplitude and too much momentum, so that the horse has to catch it again when it is landing on its foot.
Ligaments are overstretched, joint capsules strained and the horse developes movement disorders to avoid this problem.
It alters the load on its joint surfaces even at rest, a horse with a long toe will always try to put the front leg slightly forward from the vertical, for example. Even when is landing. The entire sequence of movements changes.
For a long time I have been dealing with the correct hoof treatment, especially for my laminitis patients.
Laminitis patients are extremely demanding in management. A small change of angle in the coffin bone here and an incorrect load there and the previously non-lame animal gets the next laminitis relapse.
That’s why it was so important for me to refine my technique and my knowledge, which I have acquired over the years of working with Caro Liebner.
The WTS shoeing clinic with Stefan Wehrli in Switzerland was the opportunity. Stefan is an incredibly accurate observer. He shoes his horses almost perfectionistically, always anxious to adhere strictly to physiological conditions and not to change a once functioning system.
He attaches great importance to maintaining the integrity of the hoof capsule.
This knowledge will enable me to give your horse the best possible trim in the future.
Whether it’s bare hoof care, normal shoe fitting or the special WTS sports fittings, which I can now officially offer in cooperation with certified farriers to enable your horse to achieve optimum mobility in combination with the osteopathic treatment, this course was another big step in a holistic treatment principle.