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The way of riding and a horses biomechanics are closely related. Free motility of the horse depends on a balanced rider. What are the conditions to have a balanced seat, what’s going to disturb it and how does a non balanced seat influence balance and movability of the horse? What osteopathic lesions develop from a problem with the riders seat? Is it possible that an osteopathic lesion influences the rider?
We want to show the correlation between the riders seat and osteopathic problems of the horse to trainers of the kentauros-system ® and other interested people.
We, that’s Frauke Behrens ( and Almut Pook (veterinary surgeon and DIPO-Osteotherapist)

Course Dates 23.-25.2.2018
Day 1: Riders seat, muscles und fascias
Day 3: Coordination of the seat in movement, breathing and the influence

Course Dates 10.-13.5.2018
Day 4: Biomechanics horse theory
Day 5: Biomechanik horse practice
Day 6: Correction of the rider theory
Day 7: Correction of the rider practice

Course I Costs 330,- € inkl. MWSt.
Course II Costs 430,- € inkl. MWSt.

It’s possible to book only the part biomechanics of the horse.


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