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Looking back

Many thanks from me and Nicole Weber for the active participation in our course.

We had great committed participants who worked intensively despite the heat. Super attitude! We had to limit the riding lessons to the morning due to the temperatures. But thanks to the many practical exercises, participants, helpers and non-active participants also had a lot of fun in the shade.

Reiterhand und Pferdemaul

Körperspannung und Blick

Course contents

Nicole’s exercises were mainly used to control the rider’s body. Only a rider who is aware of his body can sit empathetically and act specifically on his horse. And to teach a rider how to guide his horse to the anatomically correct body position makes no sense as long as the rider does not feel his body tension. And the associated problem.

Reitersitz und Blickrichtung

So only when we improve our the inner attitude There is a possible for me to improve the horse’s attitude. And here, too, the inner attitude of the horse influences his body posture and movements. That is why I would like to give back the joy of movement to our partner in sport. And thatsonly psooible through a gentle riding style and anatomically correct movement that is painless for the horse.


I think we managed to show how important our inner attitude on the horse is. And that Stress and hectic, but also ambition, ruthlessness (tact!!) and fear should not be companions in the saddle. Also how profoundly our riding style is influenced by our attitude and how we correct this attitude was the topic of this course. And often it only takes a small push or a small change to improve us.

entspannte Stimmung, zufriedenes Pferd

But sometimes the advice of an expert is necessary.

And therefore I would like to thank Nicole Weber from Reitercoaching Nicole Weber for her empathetic work with the riders last weekend. I would also like to thank the Miserre family, who not only provided us with the riding arena at their facility, but also with boxes for the horses of our extern participants.

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