For a long time I worked as a “normal” veterinarian in clinics and practices.

Almut Pook It's just a touch

I’ve always been struck by an oddity:
An injury or infection occurs everywhere and is certainly inevitable in the life of a horse.
Colicers, on the other hand, almost always come from the same stables (the saying one has so his Pappenheimer is not so completely inaccurate) and at certain seasons.
Furthermore, the answer to the question: If I now have this joint injection done with cortisone, how long does it last? made me thoughtful.
The answer was: 3-6 months, as long as this cortisone preparation works.
Why? Acceptable if arthrosis can be seen, because something has happened in the joint and damage has occurred. Of course it will cause inflammation and pain again and again.
But without structural damage? Why does the pain keep coming back?

The only answer for me is: there must be more. It is only the weakest link that gives in at the end and makes the most conspicuous problems, the cause however lies in a completely different place. And as long as I don’t remedy the cause, I can treat the symptom over and over again.

That made me change my mind.
Towards therapeutic methods that allow me to intervene before physical damage. To an horse management that minimizes the physical problems of our riding horses in the first place.

And that’s not all.
My blacksmith Caro Liebner noticed that osteotherapeutically treated horses gradually showed a different, more correct hoof growth and vice versa, correctly shod or placed horses showed less conspicuousness during the osteotherapeutic examination.

Of course, this did not stop at the riding style and the behaviour of horses. Horses that are ridden anatomically correct have fewer osteopathic problems. Horses that are painless and without movement restrictions are calmer, happier and less jumpy. And of course the rider’s state of mind is reflected in the horse.

And being “expert” on something goes further for me than just having read a few books once. You have to see and deal with a lot of cases, you have to be experienced with them for a long time and have achieved your own successes in this area.
The day has 24 hours and the human being has one life (there are certainly people discussing here, but let’s assume that for the sake of simplicity).

That’s why I joined forces with people who are experts in their field. Who want to work with me to make it possible for the horses to live a life worthy of horses. To deal with horses according to my philosophy and see them as what they are.
Magnificent creatures who feel pain physically and have a soul that can suffer just as much as ours.
No sports equipment that is supposed to make as much money as possible in the shortest possible time, that has to function in every situation and that is supposed to bring our ego the success that we cannot achieve by our own efforts.

They can make us proud of course . Proud of their beauty, their movements and their unbridled freedom and dignity.

With this in mind, I would like to introduce you to the team with which I hope to continue to work in the future – supporting my osteotherapeutic work.