Patrizia is a friend of many years’ standing. More than nine years ago, I was introduced to her donkey with laminitis at the Kallethal Veterinary Hospital. To put him to sleep.
Her donkey existed for 9 years and a close friendship unites us both. I learned only a few years later she has ridden so successfully in dressage.

Patrizia Ferrara

She works as a lawyer, is a former rider from the German dressage equestrian team (juniors) and former trainer of horses for a rider of the Mexican Olympic dressage team. A student of Hans Georg Gerlach (winner of the Stensbeck plaque in gold) and Georg Theodorescu, she is a rider herself up to Intermediaire II. She has just bought a young horse, which she trains with much love and patience.
It is her concern that horses are not only considered and misused as sports equipment, but that the rider and horse have a harmonious relationship with each other. Together we want to show that a gentle physiological way of riding is not only successful, but also helps to keep a horse mentally and physically healthy until old age.
I am very pleased that she would like to pass on her extraordinary skills and knowledge to our course participants.

My philosophy:

There’s no better title for a book than that of Frederic Pingnon and Magali Delgado:”Respect-Dignity.”

This book describes in an impressive way how the relationship to living beings should actually be. Carried by respectful, loving and trustful interaction. Free of constraints. Only in this way can any potential develop.
For me, life consists of continuous development, which naturally also refers to my relationship with living beings. Even as a small child, animals, especially horses, attracted me magically. Good riding starts with a good relationship, and you have to work on it.

I started to pursue my passion at the age of five and was lucky enough to meet Hans Gerlach at the age of ten. From an early age I was able to train many young horses and also older horses under his training up to the S dressage level. It is simply a wonderful feeling to accompany a three-year-old horse from the first unbalanced movement under the rider for years to the perfect Grand Prix lesson.
If aids are so fine that you only have to think about them and feel that the horse enjoys them, it is simply wonderful. Because that is all that matters, in my opinion. When I was lucky enough to attend a seminar by Frederic Pignon and Magali Delgado in 2017, I had found the missing piece of perfect harmony between horse and us. They succeed in bringing the classical training in dressage riding in a wonderful harmony with the freedom dressage training.
And so we make our horses happy.

And that makes me happy!

Patrizia Ferrara