Our friendship is still relativly new. But Frauke is an attentive help and constant companion whenever I need moral support.

Frauke Behrens

Founder of kentauros-system®.

Frauke is a recognised seating expert who has exhibited at trade fairs (Pferd & Jagd) and events (Cavallo Academy) with her Jean Paul, a riding simulator for sensory seat measurements. She is frequently featured in the magazine Cavallo with her articles and is also recognised as an expert there.
With her training as a physiotherapist and alternative practitioner for physiotherapy, she is uniquely qualified to recognise riding handicaps and to provide help in her sensitive manner.
She also holds a Trainer C certificate for qualified instruction, where she has a sharp eye on the rider’s seat.
Working together with her next year in the sense of a holistic physiological riding style for both the horse and the rider and helping riders in our courses is an interesting field of work.

Frauke Behrens

My philosophy:

To be a bridge-builder is my goal. I see my task in supporting people and growing with their horses. That I build bridges to knowledge, understanding, mindfulness and goodness of heart. I would like to enlighten in a time where things have priorities that have little to do with life as such. I want to give people in their microcosm, their partner relationship, ways to make them and their horses bigger, more beautiful and stronger. This is only due to the way in which they interact with their personality and that of their horse. The horses are equal beings whose nature and personality show the way. I support this with technology, my knowledge, my experience and my being